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Review - EcoTools Brushes - Beautiful Expressions Kabuki set (Limited Edition)

EcoTools makeup brushes: Part 3 - Sets: Beautiful Expressions 4-Piece Kabuki Set, Limited Edition

Hello Ladies! Long time no see!
I have another exiting review for you guys, and this is gonna be again from EcoTools, their Beautiful Expressions Kabuki Set. By the way, if you are interested in cheap and high quality synthetic bristles brushes, you can check my reviews on EcoTools Singles Brushes and 5-Piece Mineral Brush Set. I have bought this Kabuki set last February, about a year ago, now I have been using them for a while, so I think I can share my thoughts on them.
A little disclaimer: I have to admit: I did not try these brushes for liquid products (I don't use them), so my opinion is based only on my experience with compact or powder products (mineral foundation, bronzer, blusher, highlighter).

I have always loved all my EcoTools Brushes and when I've heard about this set from mineral makeup fans on Russian cosmo forum, I couldn't resist and absolutely jumped at these. I've ordered these brushes on-line from California based Natural\Organic Store iherb, but I assume you could find this set off-line where EcoTools products are sold: in your local Target or Ulta. It costs me 13.95$ plus shipping (international shipping around 4-6$), and you can still get this set on Even though these brushes are drugstore priced they are far beyond drugstore quality.  
So I was expecting these mini tiny brushes, but they are actually pretty good sized that I could use. They are small but easy to hold. Here are the measurements:
About 6 cm or 2.5 inch
I did not save the packaging, but you can see the pictures from iherb or EcoTools web-sites, the packaging looks exactly like on the pictures. The brushes have cute floral handles (flowers and leaves) made from recycled aluminum. Each brush has a different design on the handle. I've read reviews on iherb that design came off from powder brush, but mine is OK, looks like new.

The set is travel sized, includes a variety of different types of brushes you might wanna use: "Conceal Brush", "Bronze Brush", "Contour Brush" and "Buff Brush". Like all EcoTools brushes, all of them have ultra soft synthetic bristles and their aluminum handles are short. After washing each brush numerous times, and they are all still in wonderful shape, soft and shed free. I will go through each one how I use them.

Conceal Brush
EcoTools Conceal Brush and Mini Kabuki from the Mineral Set
EcoTools Bronzer Brush and Conceal Brush
Synthetic hair. Short Aluminum handle. The bristles are soft, yet rather stiff and super densely packed. Cleans easily and dries quickly. Shaped like a little bullet or maybe a really big finger tip, so it can get into those hard-to-reach places to conceal imperfections. Actually, this is meant for use for concealing under the eyes or around the nose. However, since I rarely use a concealer and because it's small and tapered, this makes a wonderful brush for highlighting cheekbones. It applies just the right amount of mineral glow to the cheeks. I really like this brush and recommend it for the highlight application.
Rating 4 of 5

Bronze Brush
EcoTools Bronzer Brush and Bronze Brush
EcoTools Mini Kabuki Brush and Bronze Brush
EcoTools Bronze Brush
Synthetic hair. Short aluminum handle. The bristles are super soft, fluffy and relatively dense, however this is the least dense brush of them. Shaped angled, but flat. Cleans easily and dries quickly. Since this brush is nor super dense, it is not applying the product too heavy. I can use it for applying a thin layer of heavy duty foundation (when I need it), and it works wonders for super full coverage Lucy Minerals Foundations, especially if you prefer a really light application. However, I prefer long-handled brushes for my mineral foundation. Sometimes, I like using it for all over the face bronzer or contouring or blush application. For very pigmented bronzer/blusher, this brush deposits just the right amount of product. I am not sure, how it will work with liquid formulas, since it is not dense enough. I reach for this brush quite often for blush application and I like it.
Rating 4 of 5

Contour Brush
EcoTools Bronzer and Contour Brushes
EcoTools Mini Kabuki and Contour Brushes
Synthetic hair. Short aluminum handle. The bristles are stiff, soft and dense. Shaped domed, rounded with a "sharp" top. Cleans easily and dries quickly. This brush is more dense than the angled "Bronze", but less dense than the "Conceal" one and a little more wider and fluffier. Incredibly soft, firm, but really flexible. The pointy sharp top is nice because you can create a defined cheekbone and easily blend it out. Because it's shaped tapered, it applies so smooth and even and makes a wonderful brush for actual contouring not only under the cheekbones, but also the nose and along the jaw line. This brush is my favorite so far. I use this brush for contouring almost every day and highly recommend it.
Rating 5 of 5

Buff Brush
EcoTools Bronzer and Buff Brushes
EcoTools Buff and Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brushes
EcoTools Mini Kabuki and Buff Brushes
Synthetic hair. Short aluminum handle. Shaped flat top. The bristles are a little too soft and fluffy, not so stiff and not as dense as Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush. Cleans easily and dries quickly, like all of them. So it is not dense enough to be actually used as Buffing Brush, yet this flat top brush is better used for finishing powder, mineral veil or overall blending. However I like using long-handled EcoTools Blush Brush (the single one) for applying finishing powders. For my mineral foundation I prefer a Long Handled Kabuki or Flat Top Brushes from EDM, they diffuse and blend powder foundation really nicely and give better coverage. As a matter of fact, I reach for this one rarely, but I still like it and highly recommend it for applying finishing powder or mineral veil if you do not have other brushes.
Rating 4 of 5

Overall rating: These brushes are really nice and soft and that what I like about them. However I can definitively live without them. Like all EcoTools brushes, these work well and are very inexpensive. However, I have a lot of makeup brushes, and I get the most use out of the Conceal and Contour ones, only the Contour one I use daily. So... If I would repurchase this set? - I'm pretty sure I won't need to, they are good quality, but they are definitively not my "must haves". If you don't have so many brushes as I am, and you will see them in stores, I recommend you give them a try.

So Pros for Beautiful Expressions Kabuki Set:
1. Inexpensive.
2. Good quality.
3. Availability – drugstores and on-line from iherb, with worldwide shipping.

Cons for Kabuki Set:
1. I like them, but since I do not reach for all of them very often, they are not brushes that I consider as "essentials".

See you next time!

Good Luck :)

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Claire-Muriel Maslen said...
June 02, 2013 7:19 PM

I have a mix bag set of the eco tools brushes, along with a foundation brush, and eye/lip brushes. They are really good. Really soft easy to clean (especially when I use them during work and they don't get clean until the day afterwards.) Don't stain with foundation. My powder brush (when clean!) also is good to get dust off my computer screen, it doesn't smear or damage it, making it a good brush for your face.

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