Sunday, January 22, 2012

Homemade Minty Lip Balm "Miss Wild Rosie"

Ready To Make Your Own all Natural tinted Li pBalm? - try my recipe!

This buttery lip balm melts on the lips and provides a shiny, flushed finish.
It has a main ingredient of super healing and moisturising Illipe Butter. Castor Oil adds shine, Red iron oxide provides nice Rosie tint without any synthetic perfumes, dyes and flavoring.

Homemade Minty Lip Balm "Miss Wild Rosie"

Ingredients (no water phase) for for 1 tube (5gr):
Illipe Butter - 60% - 3gr
Cocoa Butter - 30% - 1.5gr
Castor Oil - 10% - 0.5gr
Peppermint EO - 1 drop - less than 0.01gr
Vitamin E (antioxidant) - 1 drop - 0.02gr
Iron Oxide Red 130 (lip safe mineral pigment) - 0.8% - 0.04gr
Gold Mica (shimmer) - 0.4% - 0.02gr

Instructions for "Miss Wild Rosie" Lip Balm:
1. Pre-mix Red Iron Oxide, Gold Mica and Castor Oil.
2. In a double boiler combine Butters, heat until they has completely melted, remove from the heat.

3. Add pre-mixed Castor Oil and stir in thoroughly.
4. Next add Peppermint Essential Oil and Vitamin E. You can substitute whatever lip safe EO you have on hand (or prefer).

5. Then transfer the lip balm into the small lip balm jar or chopstick tube. It's easy to pour chopstick tubes using 5cc disposable syringe.
6. And then allow to set uncovered (to avoid cracking) for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

*For a deeper red color, double the amount of Red iron oxide and add about 0.5% of Titanium Dioxide, for a pearl effect add 1% to 5% of Boron Nitride.

Shelf Life:
6 to 12 months in a dry, cool place.

Enjoy :)

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