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Homemade Hydrating Facial Moisturizer with Kelp and Herbal Extracts

My Hydrating Facial Gel
Hello everyone!

Winter finally came to Israel and unfortunately the fall is over. I believe fall is my favorite season here; everything seems so fresh and nice, perfect temperatures. In Israel autumn is a time when nature comes back to life after extremely hot and long period. And we can forget for a while the killing heat of our summer... Anyway, the winter has come and the skin looks and feels drier, and I thought it was about time to talk about my new moisturizer:
Homemade Hydrating Facial Gel with Kelp and Herbal Extracts

I would consider my skin type to be combination/oily in summertime, combination/dry in winter. My face routine usually does not change that much from spring-summer to fall-winter. I am still using Homemade Facial Gels mixing with 2-3 drops of my Exotic Oils Serums.
No Lotion - No breakouts!!!
As you can see, a lotion based moisturizer isn't an option for me. So I wanted to make a simple oil free Facial Gel using more hydrating ingredients - a combination of Aloe Vera, Glycerin and Sodium Lactate in a higher level than I used to add. Some Alcohol based Herbal and Kelp Extracts with antioxidant and whitening properties (to learn how I've made them, please check out this post DIY - Homemade Herbal Extracts: Alcohol Based Extracts I'll use the combination of Guar and Xanthan Gums as a Thickening Agents and Liquid Germall Plus as a Preservative.
Homemade Crithmum Extract
Homemade Wakame Extract

Here is the recipe for my Natural Facial Gel with Homemade Extracts (contains 3.6% Alcohol - all Herbal Extracts are Alcohol based)

Aloe Vera LiquidSoothing, calming, hydrating, healing60.0054.55%
Water DistilledSolvent36.0031.82%
Sodium Lactate 60%Humectant0.600.55%
Germall Plus liquidPreservative0.400.36%
Guar Gumnone-ionic thickener 0.700.91%
Xanthan Gum Powder anionic thickener 0.300.91%
Angelica Roots Alc Ext.calming, healing, whitening3.002.73%
Crithmum Alc Ext.
antioxidant, healing1.000.91%
Licorice Root Alc Ext.anti-inflammatory, calming, anti-irritant, whitening3.002.73%
Wakame Alc Ext.antioxidant, regenerating3.002.73%

Total: 110.00 100.00%

Ensure your container and equipment are clean and sterilized.
1. Mix Extracts, add Glycerin and Sodium Lactate, then add Xanthan and Guar, stir the mixture, leave it for a few minutes until incorporated.
2. Combine Distilled Water and Aloe Vera with the extracts, and again, stir the mixture well until incorporated. Add a preservative.
3. That's all, pour the mixture into sterilized bottle, I prefer the glass one.

It's that easy! Just mix all together and use :)
*You can substitute Guar and/or Xanthan Gums for Methylcellulose or Carbomer. I have not tried Carbomer yet (you must adjust pH using it) as I like working with all other gel agents. If you don’t like using Distilled Water, add your Favorite Hydrosols and include any other extract you like. You could also try using 1% to 2% Lactic Acid instead of Sodium Lactate.

Shelf Life
Six to twelve month.

How to use:
Apply this Hydrating gel all over your face and neck after the cleansing and before your Oil based Moisturizer and let it work into your skin.

If you're looking for more Natural Homemade Skincare Recipes, please check out this " Skin Care Recipes page.

Enjoy :)


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Anonymous said...
May 02, 2012 2:57 PM

Can I add beta glucan to this? Can I substitute aloe vera with something else?

thanks in advance


Anonymous said...
May 02, 2012 3:02 PM

Also forgot to ask, can glycerin be substituted for squalene. Can hyaluronic acid gel replace aloe vera gel?

thanks, Kay

Anonymous said...
January 21, 2013 2:50 PM

Thank you for such a terrific site! Your recipes are GREAT and very easy to complete. And I really enjoy hearing about your time in Israel. Keep up the great work/site! Congradulations!!!

Briamagee said...
October 07, 2013 10:49 AM

This is something new..I'll try this recipe.

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