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Favorite Mineral Makeup Products in 2011

Favorite Mineral Makeup Products in 2011

I have been a long-time fan of mineral powder foundations and makeup. Like it for the simplest ingredients, ease of application, as well as the look and feel of the products, good coverage without being heavy looking, and most important its long-lasting finish remains through the summertime heat in our humid, hot climate. This is the healthiest and safest option on the market so far. It protects the skin from the sun damage, does not absorb by the skin, and it’s preservative-free and fragrance-free. You can buy it and you can make it yourself if you like Homemade stuff  as I do.
A few years ago I’d played a lot with all kind of Mineral fillers and colors. However, I was stuck for a long time with EDM (Everyday Minerals) products, because I’ve bought a lot and I hate to waste, since my backups are not used up. Nevertheless, this year I was "testing" and “sampling” again, actually I am still sampling new products and new brands.

Russian mineral fans from the cosmo forum suggest filling the questionnaire to share our mineral favorites. Based on my general experience it’s impossible to label one particular brand of mineral makeup as "the best" or "all time favorite”. I am trying my best lately to find the perfect match, so this favorite’s questionnaire sounds like a really good idea not only for the record, but because the process of choosing the right foundation (finishing powder, and so on...) formula and color is exceedingly frustrating and time-consuming. The ‘information is power’, and I am always for sharing knowledge, information and experience. So, this is my current experience with Mineral Make up, not all discovered this year, but definitely used in 2011. I'm definitely not a makeup expert, so please bear with me…

MMU items I discovered, used and enjoyed in 2011
All of the brands reviewed are listed at the end.

Profile/About me
1. Skin type — combination at summer with oily T-zone, normal/combination to dry at winter.
2. Skin color/undertone — Light Olive. Light Almond from EDM - "the perfect color match" (but like all other goodies from EDM, discontinued).
3. Eyes Color — brown.
4. Age — 30 something.
5. Mineral Experience — almost 6 years.

1. Face Primer — none.

2. Mineral Foundation — Light Almond in Matte formula from EDM - pros: good coverage, good staying power, cons: oxidized after 6-8 hours and discontinued. I currently wear my tweaked foundations of "The All Natural Face" and Lucyminerals - pros: very good coverage, very good staying power, no more oxidation, cons: still have to find time to tweak them.
EDM - Light Almond
3. Mineral Corrector/Concealer — rarely using Multi-Tasking from EDM, sometimes Lucyminerals foundation in Pale Olive (a full coverage foundation to conceal spots).
EDM - Multi-Tasking 
4. Mineral Veil — in summertime using mattifying Rice Powder from EDM, lately sampling mineral veils from TANF ("The All Natural Face") and Lumiere, still testing.
EDM - Rice Powder
5. Glow — "the best" was Light Mineral Finish from Oceanmist (discontinued), still sampling new ones from Sweetscents, TANF and Lumiere, rarely using Sunlight Corrector from EDM along the cheekbones and on the bridge of the nose as a soft glow to reflect light.
TANF - Glow samples
6. Bronzer — just a pressed\baked foundation from EDM in Light Olive (too dark for me to use as a foundation), or every other foundation 2-3 tones darker than my skin (I have a huge amount of dark samples and I hate to waste).
EDM - pressed Light Olive 
7. Mineral Blush — Salon Fun or Walkee Talkee from EDM as a blusher and glow together, or Sprungi (EDM) when I want a matte blusher (I've pressed all of my mineral blushes: Homemade and EDM ones).
My Blusher Palette
8. Mineral Eyeshadow base — used to like Eyeshadow Base from EGM, lately in love with Buff and Magic from TANF. They prevent fading and keep eye shadows from becoming greasy, remain true to color and crease-free (for the record - my eye lids are dr). I apply both of them with synthetic concealer brushes from EcoTools or EDM, for some reason fingertip-application does not work for me.

TANF - Eyeshadow base in Buff
9. Everyday Mineral Eye shadows — nude matte and satin eye shadows, homemade, mineral or regular (I've pressed all the mineral ones in these 15 pans palettes from eBay) .
Pressed Neutral Eyeshadows
10. "Go out" Mineral Eye shadows — the same as in 9.
Pressed Semi-Neutral Eyeshadows
11. Mineral Eyeliner — deep dark grey, almost black powder eyeliner from Oceanmist, did not keep the name, maybe it's Cold Black Eyeshadow / Eyeliner ? (the last one in the second palette).

12. Mineral Brow Powder — usually the same as in 11, in the summertime when my brows lighten a bit, using Dark Brown Brow Powder from EDM.
EDM - Brow Powder in Dark Brown

Additional products
13. Lipstick/Lip gloss/Lip balmHomemade or regular (none mineral).

My "Miss Wild Rosie" Lip Balm
14. Face Brush of the year — Long Handled Kabuki from EDM, synthetic, super soft, perfect for mineral foundation.
EDM - Long Handled Kabuki

15. Eye shadow Brush of the year — Chisel Fluff Shadow Large, Chisel Fluff Shadow Medium, Pro Blending Fluff Brushes from Coastal Scents. Soft, natural, 2 first for "pack on" eye shadow, third for blending (check out my CS reviews here).

16. Mineral Skin care — none.

7. Cream/SerumMy Homemade Serum-Gel with herbal extracts and anti-oxidants and my Homemade Exotic Oil Serum.(no lotion type creams anymore)
My Homemade Serums

Hits and Misses
18. 2011 Misses — Coastal Scents drastically increased international shipping cost, so DIY supplements and cheap-cheapy brushes make them super expensive, as well as discontinued Light Mineral Finish from Oceanmist.

19. 2011 Hits — discovered new brands (new to me) The All Natural Face , Lucyminerals, Sweetscents and Lumiere. TANF carries good eye shadow bases and super concentrated, full coverage Olive shades (not only) foundations and a really great selection of the Mineral Veils. Lucyminerals carries super heavy, creamy, long lasting, full coverage foundations to use them as a concealer or play and tweak with the different Mixing Powders from Sweetscents. Both TANF and Lucyminerals (I tried the Silica formula) offer long lasting foundations, great full coverage, does not look chalky, cakey, and flakey on me. It seems to apply really smoothly, even creamy (especially Lucyminerals). I may use their foundation as a concealer as needed. Unfortunately, I did find yet "the perfect color match", but I am still testing and I always can adjust these samples to my shade. Anyhow, if you're looking for oil control for combo/oily skin, I would suggest trying both of them. I cannot say much about Lumiere products yet, still testing them.

20. 2011 Favorite Mineral Brand — I wouldn't label EDM as "my favorite" or "the best" by any means, did not buy anything from them for a long time though, not to mention their customer service. However, EDM is definitely most worn MMU brand in 2011, I still have a lot of their stuff (from my 2007 or 2008 shopping spree), quite pleased with it and still use it.


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