Friday, December 30, 2011

Homemade Hydrating Facial Moisturizer with Kelp and Herbal Extracts

My Hydrating Facial Gel
Hello everyone!

Winter finally came to Israel and unfortunately the fall is over. I believe fall is my favorite season here; everything seems so fresh and nice, perfect temperatures. In Israel autumn is a time when nature comes back to life after extremely hot and long period. And we can forget for a while the killing heat of our summer... Anyway, the winter has come and the skin looks and feels drier, and I thought it was about time to talk about my new moisturizer:
Homemade Hydrating Facial Gel with Kelp and Herbal Extracts

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Сделай сам - Кислотный Тоник домашнего производства

Links to the English version of the Recipes can be found at the end.
       Попробуйте мой кислотный Тоник с 5% Яблочным Уксусом. Он содержит уксусную кислоту обладающую кератолитическими, эксфолиирующими свойствами (как у Альфа-гидрокси Кислот - AHA). Уксусная кислота простейшая из карбоновых кислот, у нее всего одна гидроксильная и одна карбоксильная группа. Даже при низких концентрациях эта кислота дает нужный нам "пилинговый", эксфолиирующий эффект.

Сделай сам - Увлажняющий Серум-Гель для лица.

DIY - Facial Hydrating Gel :)
Links to the English version of the Recipes can be found at the end.

Hello everyone! Всем привет, хелло, шалом :)

        Я эмульсионные кремы не люблю, не пользуюсь и соответственно не делаю.. А вот серумы-гели с растительными экстрактами и увлажнителями очень у меня в ходу, делать их легко, поры они не забивают, увлажняют хорошо.
Для увлажняющего Геля нужны только 3 ингредиента:

Saturday, December 24, 2011

DIY - A little Guide to modify a Mineral Foundation to your needs.

How to: A little Guide to modify a Mineral Foundation to your needs.
All of the brands reviewed are listed at the end
Hello everyone!
Today I’d like to share with you my experience with “tweaking” Mineral Foundations. I’ve got a lot of Mineral Foundation samples that do not fit me well, some I have to adjust color, others texture.
Modifying Mineral Make up isn't complicated. Actually, you might have already fixed your foundation without realizing it: to make the color darker you’ve mixed your foundation with a darker shade, and the opposite to make the color lighter you have mixed it with a lighter shade, to make it less heavy with a bit of the finishing powder.
So when it comes to play with color or/and texture one of the simplest things to do is mix different types of Mineral Foundation. Today I’d like to share some “tweaking” techniques I find very useful. They are not only helping me to save money, but also to create custom foundation any time I need it.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lush Inspired - Homemade Each Peach (and Two's a Pair) Massage Bar

Lush Inspired Series

My skin is really sensitive and itchy when the weather gets cold and dry. For some reason I have always hated the feel of lotion on the skin, I don't use it on my face and I don't use it on my body, so the idea of an anhydrous (contain no water) lotion bars really appeals to me. They are very simple, very convenient for travel, easy to apply. I like using them after a shower, when the skin is hydrated, the oils in a solid lotion bar would cap, seal in the water that is already on the skin if apply it while wet. Oils and butters are supposed to remain on the skin as a protective layer to prevent dryness and dehydration.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

DIY - Homemade ACV Exfoliating Facial Toner


Acetic Acid
The main ingredient of this Toner is Apple Cider Vinegar contains acetic acid. Acetic acid is one of the simplest carboxylic acids. It has one carboxyl group and one hydroxyl. I’ve been using in my Toner 5% apple cider vinegar (with 5% acetic acid). It also has other acids, mineral salts and polysaccharides, however we are interesting now in its acidic properties. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Favorite Mineral Makeup Products in 2011

Favorite Mineral Makeup Products in 2011

I have been a long-time fan of mineral powder foundations and makeup. Like it for the simplest ingredients, ease of application, as well as the look and feel of the products, good coverage without being heavy looking, and most important its long-lasting finish remains through the summertime heat in our humid, hot climate. This is the healthiest and safest option on the market so far. It protects the skin from the sun damage, does not absorb by the skin, and it’s preservative-free and fragrance-free. You can buy it and you can make it yourself if you like Homemade stuff  as I do.
A few years ago I’d played a lot with all kind of Mineral fillers and colors. However, I was stuck for a long time with EDM (Everyday Minerals) products, because I’ve bought a lot and I hate to waste, since my backups are not used up. Nevertheless, this year I was "testing" and “sampling” again, actually I am still sampling new products and new brands.

Минеральный хит-парад 2011


Минеральный хит-парад 2011

1. Тип кожикомбинированная летом, нормальная\сухая зимой.
2. Оттенок кожибледно-оливковый. Light Almond от EDM - идеальный "матч" (discontinued).
3. Цвет глазкарий.
4. Возраст 30 с хвостиком.
5. Минеральный стажоколо 6 лет.


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