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Review - EcoTools Brushes - part 1 - Singles

Hello everyone,
Let’s talk today about my EcoTools makeup brushes!

I'm back with another review on one of my favorite makeup brushes brand EcoTools. All my EcoTools Brushes are cheap, soft, very good quality and eco friendly. So if you are on the search of high quality yet affordable makeup brushes, take a look on EcoTools. If you’d like to hear a couple of my thoughts on them, here they are...

I just wanted to begin yet again, in case you did not see my last review on Coastal Scents Brushes with a little 3 points disclaimer :
1. I use mostly mineral make up and synthetic bristles brushes.
2. I do not own any high-end makeup brushes except for the multitasking MAC 217.
3. Most of my brushes are from the online stores, easily accessible and really affordable.
Ok, first off, let’s have a look at my EcoTools Single Brushes:

What do you think? The first thing I thought about, when I saw these brushes, was “I want these bamboo handle brushes now.” My mind was not changed, however, after watching a couple of YouTube videos and reading reviews. I looked around where I can buy them and found a lot of EcoTools products on eBay and iherb . I ended up purchasing quite a few things, including 4 brush sets.

And I must mention another 2 points: maybe I cannot be fully objective, because first, I really like bamboo handle brushes and second, I like soft synthetic bristles.

I have been using most of these brushes almost every single day for the past 2 years. They have gone through a lot of washes and have been cleansed with makeup cleanser a lot of times. I really love all my EcoTools Brushes, even those I do not use daily.

The brushes come in a greenish colored zip baggie with linen\cotton lining like that.

Part 1 EcoTools Single Brushes

EcoTools Bronzer Brush – 8$ to 15$ - identical from eBay and iherb– you might need at least one for sure.
Synthetic hair. Bamboo handle with Aluminum ferrule. The bristles are stiff, super soft and super densely packed. Keeps shape nicely. Dries extremely quickly. The top of the brush is a dome shape so it looks like a gigantic long handled kabuki with really thick handle. Huge for the face application, but I like it to apply my powder bronzer or mineral foundation all over the neck and chest. I’ve heard many like using this brush for all kind of powder foundation application. This brush is absolutely amazing, I use it almost every day since bought for my mineral makeup and it works flawlessly. I've got 3 EcoTools Bronzer Brushes from eBay and iherb they are identical. If you need it, buy cheapest.
Rating: 5 of 5

EcoTools Blush Brush – 6$ to 10$ - almost from eBay and iherb– you might need it.

Synthetic hair. Bamboo handle with Aluminum ferrule. The bristles are stiff, super soft and very dense. Keeps shape nicely. Shaped rounded. Dries quickly. Too big and dense for the blush application, but I apply with this brush my finishing powder or mineral veil. Many use this brush for blusher, but I am not a “big blusher girl”, and I cannot recommend this one for a blush unless you like a big, rounded, soft, dense blusher brush. However, when it comes to applying pressed blushes, I do not think this brush will deposit color on the cheeks very well because of its incredible softness. It does work better with looser packed or mineral powder blushes or mineral veils. I've been using this brush for my finishing powder and mineral veil almost every day since bought. I've got 4 (!) EcoTools Blusher Brushes from e-bay and iherb, 2 singles and 2 from sets, they are almost identical, some look a little more thickly and packed more denser. I say, choose the cheapest one you can find. 
Rating: 4 of 5

EcoTools Finishing Kabuki Brush – 6$+shipping - from iherb– you might need it.

Synthetic hair. Bamboo handle with Aluminum ferrule. The bristles are stiff, soft and very dense. Keeps shape nicely. Shaped Duo Fiber like. Dries quickly like all EcoTools Brushes. Big and dense. I apply with this brush my finishing powder or mineral veil, sometimes bronzer. For some reason I am not reaching for this brush very often, but I like it. I own 1 EcoTools Finishing Kabuki Brush from iherb.
Rating: 4 of 5

Overall rating: they appear to be really good.
Will I buy more?
– Sure, I’ve bought much more than I need already.

Why I’ve bought so many? - First of all, I wanted good bamboo handle synthetic bristles brushes for a long time. Secondly, I expected them to be a bit cheapie and thought they will be ruined quickly and this is the reason I purchased so many backups.
I have quite a few brushes, including quite a few backups, all of them in excellent condition, no shedding, no bleeding so far. Highly recommend them, especially to mineral make up lovers.

So Pros for EcoTools Single Brushes:
1. Inexpensive.
2. Good quality.
3. Availability – all over eBay, Amazon and iherb, worldwide shipping.
4. Bamboo handles – love them.
5. Synthetic Taklon bristles are super soft.

Cons for EcoTools Single Brushes: none

Have you ever tried these brushes? Do you own them? Are you are going to repurchase them? What are your thoughts?

Next time I will be reviewing sets. Good Luck :)

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