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Facial Cleansing Routine using Homemade Cleansers and Makeup Removers - Fall 2011

My Current Facial Cleansing Routine with Homemade Cleansers and Makeup Removers: Homemade Deep Cleansing Oil, Rose Hip Eye Makeup Remover, Daily Wash Paste, Lip Scrub (all recipes included)

We all are familiar with all kind of commercial facial cleansers and makeup removers that are available on the market nowadays – foams, gels, creams, pastes and cleansing oils. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that making your own cleansers at home is quick, easy and inexpensive.

A while ago I posted on my blog the recipe of Kukui Nut Makeup Remover, I was religiously using for more than 2 years. However at the beginning of the spring I run out of the Kukui Nut Oil and used up my Kukui Nut Makeup Remover, so I decided to reformulate the recipe a bit. And since I was very pleased with the finishing result, I am going to share the new recipe and my updated Cleansing Routine.

Removing makeup with proper Makeup Remover is essential for me to keep the skin clean and healthy. My skin is combination\oily, and I should use a good cleanser containing oil-absorbing components. There are only a few ingredients we have to use when making an oil-based Makeup Remover: Vegetable Oil and an Emulsifier, and we can add a few optional ones. These are specifically focused on the job of removing make up and cleansing the skin. And I should mention: anhydrous Cleansing Oil does not require any preservative in it.

What do you need:

Light weight Oil or mix of Oils (Kukui Nut Oil, Rice Bran, Baobab, Camelia, Watermelon, Marula, Hazelnut, Olive Oil, etc.) – base oil helps to melt make up off the skin while not clogging your pores – about 60%
Castor Oil – the only oil dissolving in water, helps to wash off make up – about 30%
Polysorbate 20 – a mild Emulsifier – 10-15%
Salicylic Acid – an oil-soluble BHA, with anti-microbial properties, able to penetrate pores and exfoliate them from the inside out (Optional ingredient) – 1-2%
Essential Oil with antiseptic properties (Tea Tree EO, Sage EO – your choice) (Optional ingredient) – 1%
Vitamin E – to prevent oil oxidation – 0.5% to 1%

The Recipe of Deep Cleansing Oil with Salicylic Acid (no water phase) for 250ml:
Rice Bran Oil
Green tea Macerate in Olive Oil
Castor Oil
Polysorbate 20 
Salicylic acid
Sage EO  
40 drops
Vitamin E 
10 drops

Mix up a blend of Oils in a glass bottle, add Vitamin E, Salicylic Acid, next add an Emulsifier (I'm using Polysorbate 20), add Sage Essential Oil. You can choose any other 100% pure EO, but if you are pregnant or sensitive to EO, you should avoid using them, please be careful.

Shelf Life and usage:
About six month in a dry, cool place, in a pump container, half a pump will be enough for one use. Pump glass bottle will keep your Cleansing Oil safe from oxidation and fungal contamination. Store away from the direct sunlight.

That’s all, you have your own Deep Cleansing Makeup Remover, here it is.

How do I use it? Please keep reading…

PM Cleansing Routine

Removing make up from the face:
This is my first step while removing makeup at evening:
Gently spread a small amount of the Deep Cleansing Oil all over your face and neck, on completely dry skin!, in a circular motion. Massage a few minutes rubbing the Cleanser into your face until the Oil will penetrate into the skin and pull out all make up, dead cells and other dirt. Your skin will feel a little oily (ok, a lot oily) while you are cleansing. Don’t worry! We’ll fix it:). Add a few drops of warm water to face to emulsify - oil will turn milky white. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Your face is clean and soft.

Removing make up from the eyes:
Then I continue with my eyes. Cleansing\emulsifying agents may irritate the eyelids. So, I’ve made a special Eye Makeup Remover with super gentle ingredients, suitable for eyelids: healing and regenerating Rose Hip Oil, rich in antioxidants Green tea Macerate in Olive Oil ,rich in Vitamin D Shiitake Macerate in Olive Oil and Carrot Essential Oil.

Here the recipe of Rose Hip Eye Makeup Remover (no water phase) for 20ml:

Rose Hip Oil 80% - 16ml,
Green Tea Macerate in Olive Oil 10% - 2ml,
Shiitake Macerate in Olive Oil 10% - 2ml,
Carrot EO 1% - 1drop,
Vitamin E – 2drops.

Mix up a blend of Oils in a dropper bottle, add Vitamin E, Carrot EO. Please be careful using EO.

Shelf Life and usage:
About3 month in a dry, cool place, in a dropper container, 1-2 drops will be enough for one use. Store away from the direct sunlight.

I take a clean cotton ball or pad, saturate it with my Toner or Herbal Tea making sure to get it pretty wet, add 1-2 drops of my Rose Hip Eye Makeup Remover, spread all over the cotton ball.
Then apply one of the cotton balls to the eye lid. Without tugging too hard on the skin, let it sit for a few seconds so it can work its way through the layers of makeup.
Wipe away everything and then wipe again with clean damp cotton ball.
I suggest using no more than 2 drops of the Eye Makeup Remover for each eye. Usually 1 drop is more than enough for me. Otherwise, if you are not accurate and too much oily residue remains, it can leach down between the lashes and get into the eyes.
I don’t know if and how it works with any kind of mascara, since I haven’t use one for a long time. However it takes off completely any waterproof pencil eyeliner or cream\gel eyeliner without any problem.

Exfoliating Mask with Clay and Soapnut Aritha
The next step in my routine is cleansing and mild exfoliation, two in one.
I mix up Soapnut Aritha (soapy powder), Clays (Blue, Green, Bentonite, Kaolin, Dead Sea Mud, except for the Red and Rose Clay – I am allergic to them) and\or Herbal Extracts.
One scoop of each powder, add a few drops of Herbal Tea or Toner to make it stick together.
That's’ all, my wash paste is ready. It removes all excess oils from the skin and gentle exfoliate it. I like to use this paste every other day as a gentle facial scrub, or as a mask to unclog my pores.

Here the recipe for today:

Soapnut Aritha and Blue Clay
Recipe of Daily Wash Paste:
Soapnut Aritha 1 scoop,
Blue Clay 1 scoop,
Green Tea a few drops

Mix up and use

Shelf Life and usage:
Please make a fresh blend, this amount is enough for face and neck.

Lip treatment with Brown Sugar and Honey
I have terribly dry, cracked and super flaky lips lately, and daily lip exfoliation has been working pretty well for me. As well the final step should always be to apply a good lip balm.
Here's one of my favorite lip scrub recipes:
Brown Sugar and Honey
Recipe of Daily Lip Scrub for 1 use:
Honey 0.5 scoop,
Brown Sugar 1 scoop,
Instructions: Mix up the ingredients together to get a paste. You can make a full jar of this lip scrub, it will keep at least 1 month. However, lately I like making a fresh portion every other day. The scrub is completely edible.

Shelf Life and usage:
This amount is enough for 1 use.

After washing (or rinsing, as the case may be), I wipe my face and neck gently with a cotton ball soaked in Rose Water or my Homemade AVC Exfoliating Toner (sometimes my AHA Exfoliating Toner), every other day.

Acne treatment:
My acne regimen depends on how much I have white heads on my jaw line. If it’s fairly bad, I’ll apply about a pea-sized amount of Salikaren Ointment containing 3% Salicylic Acid to my chin, leave it there for a few hours and then just wipe it off.

AM Cleansing Routine
I like to keep it simple: my AM regimen is much easier and quick. The skin doesn't get dirty from sleeping on a clean pillow case, so I do not really need to wash it again in the morning. Too much cleansing can dry out the skin.
So since I usually wake up with an oily sheen, I just wipe my face and neck gently with a cotton ball soaked in my regular Toner (none-acidic one) or Rose Water. Sometimes I rinse my face with the Herbal Tea mixing with a small amount of Oat Straw Extract (do not confuse with Oatmeal Powder). That’s all.

Sorry for super long post. PM routine might look so complicated but it actually it is not. Mixing up my daily blends takes just a few seconds, I store in my bath room all the ingredients for the daily products. I really try to make them as simple and natural as possible, using just a few components for every product.

Hope it will inspire you to try your own homemade facial cleansers.

Good luck :)


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