Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DIY - Natural Homemade Massage Oil

Make your own unique blend of Natural Massage Oil at home!
There are so many Commercial Massage Oils on the market these days. They can be either Mineral Oil or Natural Oil based, scented or unscented.

Nothing wrong with Synthetic Mineral Based Massage Oils, they have a long shelf life, they can provide a good lubrication and they cannot be absorbed by the skin. They are just simple lubricants, unscented ones are even hypoallergenic.

Natural Oils can be absorbed by the skin, unlike the Mineral Ones. They contain Fatty Acids and Vitamins essential for the skin. People with nut allergies should not use most of the Vegetable Oils. We have to be careful choosing Natural Based Massage Oils, especially if they are containing Essential Oils, they can be allergenic also…


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