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Homemade Relaxing Bath Salts with Aromatic Essential Oils

Aromatic Bath Salts
I like Bath Salts... Warm bath with Aromatic Bath Salts is great for softening, calming and soothing the skin, it help relax tired muscles and relieve muscle aches, ease stress and fill the air with fascinating scents of Healing Essential Oils...
Aromatic Bath Salts are very easy to make at home and are much cheaper than commercial ones. With just a few ingredients you can create a luxurious relaxing SPA in your bathroom. Salts act also as a natural muscle relaxer and Essential Oils provide specific aromatherapy benefits and wonderful scent...
Bath Salts also make a fantastic gift!

Lavender and Rose are relaxing Essential Oils that are often used in Aromatherapy, but there are so many essential oils and combinations to choose from.

Bath Salts with Sage EO are great during the cold and flu season, with Eucalyptus are good for aches and muscle pains, and it's a good alternative to medicines too.

I really enjoy Bath Salts with a scent of fresh pine needles (a blend of Pine, Cedar Wood Atlas and Fir Siberian EO or just Pine EO neat) and different blends of Grapefruit, Lemon and Tangerine EO which have bright refreshing citrus scents (I've read they are also beneficial as a part of anti-cellulite therapy).

You can try different combinations each time until you find the perfect blend for your relaxing or toning bath.

For newbie’s in EO I recommend to check this Rainbow Meadow Essential Oils Calculator, very useful...

Pay attention! Before you make your first blend, make sure to check information and warnings concerning Essential Oils.

This easy Bath Salts recipe includes Salts and Essential Oils that are helping in detoxification, relieving muscle aches and soothing dry or itchy skin.

Basic Ingredients (no water phase) for 2-3 baths:
Dead Sea Salts 200 ml (They range from fine to medium to coarse, I prefer the coarse ones)
Epsom Salts 200ml
Baking Soda 50ml
Dendritic Salts 50ml
EO blend 16-20 drops
Optional: Dried Calendula (or Rose, or Lavender) Blossoms - 1 Tablespoon

My favorite "In the Primeval Forest" Blend - 72 drops for 4 containers 18 drops*4
Cedarwood Atlas EO - 12 drops
Fir Sibirian EO - 12 drops
Ginger EO - 4 drops
Lavender EO - 10 drops
Lemon EO - 10 drops
Palmarosa EO - 6 drops
Rosemery EO - 10 drops
Rosewood EO - 4 drops
Vetiver EO - 4 drops

Summery "In a Blossoming Orchard" Blend - 32 drops for 2 containers - 16 drops*2
(This scent is a mix of floral and fruity scents)
Bergamot EO - 2 drops
Geranium EO - 10 drops
Grapefruit EO -2 drops
Palmarosa EO - 4 drops
Pettingrain EO - 2 drops
Rosewood EO - 12 drops

Let's begin with the Dendritic Salts: pour the salts into a glass container with a lid, add EO, shake to mix. It will take some time for the scent to incorporate with the salts, so be patient. In another bowl, mix Epsom, Dead Sea Salts and Baking Soda together, next combine with the Dendritic Salts, and blend.

Make sure your container is absolutely dry, because salt easily absorbs water. Use glass or metal jars, because plastic and wood might absorb Essential Oils.

Allow the mixture to sit at least a day so all ingredients mesh well together...

If you want to make your Bath Salts look really pretty, you can add dried flowers: I like Calendula, Lavender or Rose petals. It looks nice... And do not forget to label!

Shelf life:
My Bath Salts store quite well in a glass container with a lid, but their scents might change over time - I've found one labeled as Citrus Refreshing Aromatic Salt (Grapefruit -8drops, Lemon-8drops and Lavender-4drops) 6 months after I've made it and it has mild Lavender scent without any Citrus undertone...

How to use:
I like using my Bath Salt in a muslin bag, just placing the bag under the hot water spray so the salts dissolve more rapidly.

Relax and enjoy!

P.S. If you have heart or kidney problems, or high blood pressures please consult your physician before taking Salt Bath. Do not to use it if you have an open wound or broken skin, it will burn and sting. Make sure to label the container with an ingredient list if you are giving away the salts...

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3 comments to "Homemade Relaxing Bath Salts with Aromatic Essential Oils"

Dead Sea Salt said...
July 22, 2010 5:59 PM

Dead Sea salts detoxify your skin, drawing out dirt, pollutants and impurities from each pore. :)

Vicki said...
August 20, 2010 4:57 PM

I only ever have a regular bath with bubble bath but these sound amazing! I'm going to have a luxury bath tonight now. Thanks.

Galia said...
August 21, 2010 4:23 PM

You are very welcome :)
I am sure you will enjoy this, for the bubble effect you can add a little bit of baking soda, may be 10-15% will be enough...

Enjoy :)

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