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Tips - Facial Skin Care Essentials


I know many women with beautiful skin (like my mom) washing/moisturizing the skin with water alone. Is that enough? Most likely not..
The following simple methods and proceduresare helping me
to keep my skin looking young, making me feel better;
giving more confidence.

Tips and Warnings:
1. To prevent infection - Avoid touching and picking at your face. Make sure your hands are clean before applying skin care products on your face.
2. To hydrate skin - Drink plenty of water, so the skin and the body remain hydrated.
3. To prevent sun damage - Wear Sunscreen or Foundation with Sunblocks and stay out of the sun.

Facial Skin Care Essentials

Following these steps are needed to establish an appropriate skin care routine and can make you look and feel like a million bucks :-).

Cleansing -
Cleansing is intended to do nothing more than clean your skin. Water neat cannot remove makeup, dirt and impurities... There are many natural as well as non-natural Cleansers that have ingredients, which can irritate your skin... For example, a Famous Cleansing Oil Method without an Emulsifier ("OCM") breaks me out... I recommend using a soap-free Facial Cleansing Oil containing Emulsifying Elements. You can make your own Facial Cleansing Oils suited for your skin type by adding Essential Oils for oily, dry or sensitive skin. It's also a great way to save money instead of using expensive makeup removers.

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Exfoliation -
Exfoliation is a very important step in any skin care routine. Use an exfoliation treatment at least twice a week to remove the top layer of dead skin cells, to rejuvenate the skin. Facial exfoliants can take a number of forms: you can use chemical peelings, scrubs, masks, clays, AHA cleansers, gels and creams. Exfoliants should contain non-irritating, gentle ingredients that are cleansing, anti-septic and soothing the skin. Be gentle when exfoliating your face to avoid redness and irritation. You can make your own spa quality scrub, it's easy and inexpensive, and you've probably got all the ingredients in your kitchen.

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To close your pores, to balance the skins natural pH level and to restore the skins natural moisture, you will need to use a toner. A Rose Water has been used by women for generations as a gentle cleanser and toner for the skin and it has a wonderful aroma. It can also reduce minor skin irritation and puffiness. You can make your own Homemade Facial Toner using natural ingredients, based on your skin type....

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Massage -
Relax! Take time out to relax and enjoy Facial Massage. Chronic stress affects your skin condition: it’s suppresses skin immunity and sometimes can cause dry, itchy skin, rashes, acne and more… A soothing facial massage will improve the appearance of the skin and relax you at the same time. I've mentioned before two video tutorials I've found really helpful, the first one of oxfordjasmine on YouTube 
here and the second one of the Professional Russian Masseur here. The second one is in Russian, but the visual explanations are really clear, if you don't speak Russian go to 13:05!

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Moisturize -
Hydration is essential for proper skin care. It’s important to hydrate the skin to keep it soft, smooth and healthy. Moisturize your face and neck each morning and evening after your shower and cleansing routine! Find a good moisturizer matched for your skin type. Decide whether your skin is dry, oily, may be you have combination skin with an oily T-zone or if you have acne. Some people are under the impression that if their skin is oily there's no need to moisturize and this is wrong! Every skin type needs moisturizer. Over time, a good moisturizer will improve overall skin quality. Use Paraben-free Natural Moisturizer containing natural ingredients and gentle preservatives. Natural Vegetable Oils, Herbal Extracts, Glycerin, Vit. A, E, C, D will moisturize and nourish your skin; they will also prevent the oxidation by free radicals (oxygen molecules missing an electron). Grapefruit Seed Extract, Tea Tree EO, Lavender EO, Eucalyptus EO, Lemon EO can be used as natural antiseptic and antioxidant elements. Take time to find the best products for your skin.

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Sunscreen -
Always use a good sunscreen on your face and neck before going out to prevent sun damage. Look for a sunscreen containing zinc oxide or/and titanium dioxide that protects against both UVA (ultraviolet-A) and UVB (ultraviolet-B) rays. Both of these are sunblocks that are not absorbing by the skin, if you are allergic to them try the chemical ones like avobenzone and oxybenzone… Anyways, the best protection of course is wearing a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and covered clothes if you are outside.

Take good care of your skin. Do these things regularly and it gives you a fresh and healthy look.
Good Luck:)

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