Wednesday, December 9, 2009

DIY Tincture - "In the Primeval Forest"

forest012The recipe of this Tincture I’ve found here
I like it so much! 
Thank you Кoffit!
This Scent always stirs Holiday feelings.
Try it if you like the scent of fresh pine needles,cooler weather, snow

Jojoba Oil - 7,00 ml
Cedarwood Atlas EO - 12 drops
Fir Sibirian EO - 12 drops
Ginger EO - 4 drops (the original recipe contains the same amount of Coriander EO but I don’t have it)
Lavender EO - 10 drops
Lemon EO - 10 drops
Palmarosa EO - 6 drops
Rosemery EO - 10 drops
Rosewood EO - 4 drops
Vetiver EO - 4 drops 

Just mix all the ingredients in a small glass bottle, leave it for (!!!) 6 to 8 weeks.
And enjoy this dark, rich, winter scent !

You can add a few drops of this tincture to you skin care products to create your own completed Winter Skin Care Line.

Good Luck :)


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