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DIY Tutorial - Body Scrub


Homemade Body Scrub
The main purpose of body scrubs is to exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells (epidermis). A scrub will actually cleanse the inside of the skin and will help prevent blackheads or clog pores. So the skin will feel smoother, a moisturizer will penetrate easier.

Making body scrubs is easy and inexpensive, and you've probably got the ingredients in your kitchen.

 You can make a spa quality body scrub with just a few ingredients, that will keep your skin as soft, smooth and healthy as an expensive salon body scrub.
You can use different Exfoliating Elements for different uses.
I like using the Dead Sea Salt as a scrubbing agent for my body scrubs. You can use any sea salt, Epsom salts or just ordinary table salt.

Oatmeal is the best base for a gentle, soothing facial scrub. Cornmeal is a wonderful scrub for a sensitive, oily acne prone skin.

You can try a Sugar as an effective base for a body scrub; a granulated Brown Sugar is more gentle then the white refined one. Sugar scrubs in general are gentler than salt scrubs, but don't have that muscle-relaxing effect like the salt ones.

Granulated Coffee is a very good abrasive agent and the caffeine has additional qualities. I've read that the caffeine claims to be a cellulite buster, so by adding Coffee in your body scrub it could make this work as an anti-cellulite scrub. I didn't try this yet, because it can be messy. But if you've tried it please let me know if it works...

Baking Soda has an exfoliating and a softening effect on the skin; it's also a very gentle base. I’ve been using baking soda in my facial scrubs, it's not too coarse. Sometimes I just mixing a little bit of a baking soda with my Cleansing Oil.

Cosmetic Clays, like Kaolin, Green French clay, Dead Sea mud, Moroccan Rhassul clay and others have a great exfoliating properties. I like using the clays as a scrubbing agent, but I have allergy to the Red one :-(. So be careful, test before using something you didn't use before...

Remember: It is always best to test!!!
Coconut, rice, almonds, flax seeds can be ground in a coffee grinder for an effective, gentle, soothing scrubbing base. It has to be of sandy consistency, otherwise it will scratch the skin.

You also can use different Moisturizing Elements: many kinds of Vegetable Oils, Extracts, Aloe Gel, Glycerin, depend on your skin type or skin problems.
And the very important part of the scrub is the Scent: you can add any Essential Oil or the combination of different Essential Oils. I like using either combination of different Coniferous EO (for a drainage effect) or Citrus EO (for an anti-cellulite effect) in my body scrubs, for my facial exfoliants I've been using the combination of the Floral EO.

Other optional ingredients could be lemon, lime or orange juice, apple cider vinegar, yogurt and milk containing Fruit and Lactic Acids which will rejuvenate the skin by encouraging the shedding of old cells and acting as a mild AHA exfoliant.

I've almost forgotten about another optional ingredient: the Emulsifier like Polysorbate 20,60,80 or Polawax, it is not necessarily needed. But I really like adding these components to my Cleansing Products. In contact with water it emulsifies and transforms the Oils into non-greasy milky white. And the result: non-greasy, non-drying, silky skin...

That’s all: choose the Coarse Ingredients, the Moisturizing Elements and the Scent, and your Scrub is ready to use!

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Lilia Valle said...
February 07, 2014 3:20 PM

Wow! Thank you for this. Each ingredient really does have a specific use for a specific skin type. People usually just go along choosing a type of mask just because they heard it was effective without actually considering their skin type. This would be very helpful for them.

Lilia Valle

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