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DIY Tutorial - Pore Minimizing Toner

You can create your own Homemade Pore Minimizing Toner that has all the benefits of a commercial toner at a fraction of the price.

Unfortunately, there is really no permanent remedy for open pores. An Astringent Toner tighten pores, but this is only temporary. Toners are supposed to remove excess oil and cleanse the pores, help to balance the skins natural pH level and to restore the skins natural moisture. So it is very important to apply toner regularly after cleansing face.

As the Base for Facial Toner you can choose Hydrosols like Lavender Water, Rose Water, Green Tea Hydrosol, Witch Hazel Hydrosol... I like using either Rose Water or Neroli Hydrosol, Green Tea one is a very good base too, Witch Hazel Hydrosol is an excellent base for Oily Skin. Although Neroli Hydrosol is supposed to be good for oily skin. Calendula Hydrosol based Toners, like Herbal Decoctions and Infusions based have a very limited shelf life. If you would like to use them, be careful, they will keep in the refrigerator for as long as 2-3 days.

Pore Minimizing Toner must contain Astringents like Witch Hazel or Alcohol based Extracts (Ginseng, Calendula, Sage, Horse Chestnut Extracts) to tighten the open pores. I suggest adding maximum 1-2% of Alcohol based Extracts to the Toner...

The low pH is helping to balance the pH level of the acid mantle of the skin after cleansing. So you need the combination of citric acid, lemon extract and apple cider vinegar to keep the low pH level. You need about 0.5%, even less to keep low pH level...

Humectants like Glycerin and Sodium Lactate are helping to restore water to dehydrated skin. I prefer Glycerin based Herbal Extracts, 2-4% of the amount of the Toner.

Antiseptic components like Thyme Alc. Extract or Tea Tree EO help to prevent breakouts. If you want to use EO you'll need a solvent like pure 100% Alcohol or Polysorbates (gentle surfactant and you need only a few drops). If you'd like to choose Thyme, Calendula or Sage Extracts, make sure that total amount of Alcohol based Extracts supposed to be less than 3%, otherwise it may dry out the skin...

Anti-oxidants like Pomegranate, Chamomile, Pine Needles and Green Tea Extracts, Vitamin C and others that fights free radical damage to the skin. I've mentioned before that I like using Glycerin based Herbal Etxracts, total amount of them supposed to be less than 5%, otherwise the Toner will be too sweet because of the Glycerin ...

So to make a good Pore Minimizing Toner we need a combination of Six components: the Base, Astringents, Low pH Agents, Humectants, Antiseptics and Anti-oxidants.

Don't forget a Preservative! A Preservative would be necessary to prolong the shelf life of the Toner, but since I make it only for myself in a very small amount and keep the product in the refrigerator (three-five days, maximum one-two weeks), usually I don't add it.

Pour all ingredients into dark bottle and shake well. That's all...

I recommend to pour the toner in a small spay bottle and mist the face, let the toner air dry and then take a cotton pad and gentle dab the left over moisture.

Commercial mixtures usually include a high amount of alcohol, which can be very drying to your skin, but help to prolong shelf life of the product. I would therefore recommend to keep the Toner in the refrigerator to extend storage time, even if it does not contain Herbal Decoctions or Infusions.

 Good Luck :)

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